Mystery Guesting
Mystery Guest Check
Mystery Guest Check

As a hotelier, the way you see your hotel inevitably differs from that of your guests. In order to learn how a guest experiences and judges your hotel, Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting carries out Mystery Guest Checks. In this way you will receive a neutral and professional assessment of your establishment.
In a Mystery Guest Check all the service areas of your hotel will be “tested” anonymously, starting with the reservation and continuing through to the checkout. We always use the Mystery Guest Check to provide us with a basis for all further consulting. From it we develop optimisation measures, positioning strategy and a new concept. Our advisers have extensive experience in operative hotel management, so that you can be sure of a well-founded analysis of the processes and structures.

Procedure for Mystery Guest Checks

  • Telephone- or online-based reservation
  • Concise analysis of different online channels (website, OTAs, Google presentation etc.)
  • In-depth examination of hardware, services and service quality provided together with operative processes during the guest’s stay in the areas accommodation, F&B and all other departments incognito from the point of view of a guest
  • Documentation of experiences in the form of questionnaires and photos
  • Evaluation of the results and report in the form of a presentation
  • Joint development of measures for optimisation and associated revenues potential following the overnight stay

Forms of consultancy

Mystery Guest Check with subsequent evaluation discussion

Action plan


Comments by our clients

Logo Tannerhof
“The integral consultancy by Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting over a period of several months provided us with very valuable impulses in various areas of the concern. The final result was that we were able to increase the overall business performance of the Tannerhof quite considerably. With the help of practical process analyses and optimisation measures the team of consultants supported us actively in the increase of additional sales, especially in gastronomy, and supported our general efficiency in work processes. The also gave us valuable recommendations regarding our positioning, pricing and communications strategy. All this led to a long-term increase in the operating result. What we particularly value in Zarges von Freyberg is the open and pleasant, always target-oriented cooperation on equal terms.”
Burgi von Mengershausen and Roger Brandes
Managing Directors
Logo Hotel Schnitzer
Hotel Schnitzer
“After over ten years of cooperation with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting which invariably inspired complete confidence we have now actually succeeded in fulfilling our greatest wish, to completely renew our hotel with a perfectly planned concept.”
Franziska Betz
Managing Director
OCÉANO Hotel Health & Spa
“Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting was always an important sparring partner and valuable initiator for us when making our hotel fit for the future. Our cooperation was always very productive and inspiring.”
Matthias Rolle
Medical Director
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